1.MUHAMMAD WALEED TAHIR Professional Website Developer
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Website Developer

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Professional Web Designer & Front End Developer – Mentor 

Custom, Responsive & Secure Website Developer

Stylish & Eye-Catching Website Designer

Hi! I am Muhammad Waleed Tahir and I am an expert web designer & developer. I have designed and developed different successful custom, responsive, secure, and eye-catching websites. Moreover, I have more than 4 years of experience in web designing and development. In these 4 years, I have worked with different companies and created many websites for my clients all over the world.

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Who am I?

MUHAMMAD WALEED TAHIR As a professional web designer and developer, I can easily conjure a site from nothing into existence to fully formed. I never use tricks or magic to create a website. But I am a specialist in manipulating the successful websites as well as the raw materials of those websites like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more.

I am an expert in the best and custom WordPress theme and plugin development. I can easily create blocks from scratch for any conceivable need. Also, I have contributed in small ways to these and other open-source efforts to give back every chance that I get. Moreover, my art, as well as design background, informs the ideation to design through implementation.

I can plan, design, build, launch, and maintain a website perfectly as well as easily. A professional and full-stack developer knows no bounds. As well as when they find one, they cross it without hesitation that boldly going into the unknown to return richer for it.

Why Did You Trust?

For over a decade, MUHAMMAD WALEED TAHIR has learned about web design and development and after it, he started his career as a professional web designer and developer. Now, he has 4+ years of experience in web designing and development. He has worked with different companies nationally as well as internationally for the last 4 years. His top clients belong to Lahore, UK, Canada as well as America. E-Commerce, Digital agency, Real Estate, Portfolio websites, simple websites & blogs, Affiliate, and Investment sites are some of the top websites on which he has worked.

Ihsan MarketingFalconeris, Misaq Electronics, Umer’s Outlet, Ammyz Online Store, Mini Treats, Aqeel Marketing Solutions, Qaim Din Foundation-free Medical Camp, Pearl Orchard Gwadar, Trimaxmarketing, Gekko Trykager, Mississauga, Home Services Bundling, DC Timber Floors, Aqua Plus, LifeLink Studio, APK Destiny are some of the websites on which I have worked.


Affiliate Websites

Create the best, professional as well as ready to profit Amazon affiliate websites for your business to promote your products and services. These websites can help you to reach your targeted traffic and high ROI.

Web UI UX Design

Here you get the best and most professional mobile-friendly website UI UX designs which will be stylish as well as eye-catching. This can increase the loading speed on the desktop & on mobile devices.

WordPress Websites

Create the best WordPress websites that help you to increase your traffic & sales whether you want to create a new site or optimize an existing one. Contact us if you want to build WordPress websites.

LMS Site Developer

I am a professional LMS website developer. Develop the best and most professional LMS websites for you and get an easy-to-use, secure, custom, and award-winning learning management system development.

Shopify Websites

You can create Shopify websites that are a complete platform to start, grow, and manage the business. Contact us if you want to create Shopify websites for you to start, grow and manage your business.

Website Maintenance

Maintain a website to check and fix the issues & mistakes of the website to keep the site updated as well as relevant. Site maintenance on monthly basics improves your website and helps to fix errors.

Responsive Web Design

Design responsive websites for you. Responsive web design helps you to attract more audiences, faster mobile development at lower costs, improves readability, and user experience, and earn more money.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages aim to increase conversions, grow email subscriber list & allow you to measure metrics directly tied to business goals. Design a landing page for the website & get its exciting benefits.