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Zeeshan Ahmad

Professional Developer

User Friendly & Highly Engaging Mobile App Developer

Ideas Builder – Mentor

Hi! I am Zeeshan Ahmad and I am a professional app designer & developer. I have designed and developed a different successful custom, user-friendly, and highly engaging mobile applications. Moreover, I have almost 3  years of experience in app designing and development. In these 3 years, I have worked with different companies and created many applications for my clients. The top companies which I have been working for the last 3 years at GrowMore, are Ihsan Marketing, UpTree Developers, and Wapexp institute of information technology.

Who am I?

Zeeshan Ahmad “App Developer”Through professional experience with different companies and clients, I have learned how to design and develop android applications early in my career as an app android mobile designer & developer. I have been working with top companies such as GrowMore, Ihsan Marketing, UpTree Developers, and Wapexp for the last three years. Recently, I have been working with GrowMore and Ihsan Marketing agency. Here, I am working with a professional team. We together have built and launched different applications.

By using Android Studio software, I have designed and developed different android applications. I am an expert in Java, XML, C++ & C. My motive is to get success through my hard work, not through any shortcut. I believe that I will win not immediately but definitely.

Why Did You Trust?

As I am a professional and expert app designer and developer and have worked with different top companies. All of my clients are satisfied with my working process. In 2021, I decided to devote my professional work to Ihsan Marketing Company. I enjoy having the opportunity to work with GrowMore and Ihsan marketing company which helps me to learn about my clients’ passions. 

With the professional and best team of Ihsan Marketing Company, I have completed different projects for different companies as well as their own company. As the best and most professional app designer and developer, I and my team can handle a wide range of projects perfectly. A few of my best-designed & developed apps are WhatsApp status savers, all status savers, document scanners, PDF readers, VPN apps, and a toolkit for WhatsApp.

Muhammad Ihsan Digital Marketer and Zain Ul Abedin are my professional mentors, partners, and leaders as well as my friends, assist me in taking on projects of any scale. Here, only one thing I can say about my friends is that  “a leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will: we did it ourselves”.

Custom Android App

You will get end-to-end custom android app design and development services. Get a high-end user experience for your android application. It helps you to keep your clients interested in your application.    

Android App Design

Use the latest technologies to make the most appealing and interactive UI designs for your apps. It will provide a pleasant user experience to your app and ensure high conversions and user retention.   

Mobile App Development

Welcome to all types of app implementation from websites to apps conversion to concept fulfillment or from rewriting existing codes to black background apps development. Get the best services from us.

Web-Based Android Apps

Are you looking for the best apps designer & developer that can provide you with web-based android app services? Just tell us about your requirements, and we will recommend you the best web-based android apps. 

App Testing

App testing helps you to make sure that your app is of the highest quality. As a mobile testing expert, I do a variety of mobile troubleshooting. This ensures the performance of designed android apps.  

App Inspection

Detect the early failure in the development cycle. App inspection allows you to optimize code without worrying about regressions. Contact us now for the best and most professional apps inspection services.    

Cross-Platform App Development

Our cross-platform app development services help you to save time & money and also improve the marketing position of your company. Achieve an amazing outcome through our best app development services. 

Mentor Services

Over 3 years of experience, I offered mentorship, training, practices services, motivational support & career counseling to many candidates. Now, I am available to share tips and help explore careers

Recent Work On Android Apps Projects

My recent work on android app projects with different companies as well as Google play store channels.

saver 01
Status Saver: Story Downloader

status saver-story downloader is a social media programme that allows you to save your status without the use of a watermark.

icon 1
Insta Downloader Photo & Video

To save instagram videos, images, and stories, use Insta Downloader Photo & Video.

icon 01 2
PDF Reader Pro: PDF Viewer App

The Pdf Reader Pro 2022 App is a PDF Viewer for Android that makes it easier to read all types of PDF files.

PDF Tools 01
Photo To Pdf Converter App

Converting Photos to PDF Images (JPG, jpeg, png, etc.) can be converted to PDF files using this app.

Quotation icon new 01
Quotes Maker - Daily Quotes

Make Daily Quotes and Sayings with all of this Quotes Maker App with Photo and Daily Quotes Creator.

icon 2
Status Saver For Whatsapp 2022

WhatsApp Status is being saved This WhatsApp 2022 Status Saver App makes it simple.

ezgif.com gif maker 1
ViralVPN: Fast & Unlimited VPN

A Free VPN App For Unlimited VPN Speed Best Fast VPN With Unlimited VPN Speed.

ezgif.com gif maker 2
Video Editor For Youtube - YVE

Without a watermark, the Video Editor For Youtube App made Youtube video editing simple.

ezgif.com gif maker 3
Photos To PDF - PDF Converter

Images (jpg, jpeg, png, etc.) can be converted to PDF files using Photos to PDF Converter.

ezgif.com gif maker 4
Data Recovery - File Recovery

File Recovery App Makes Data Recovery Simple. It Can Recover All Deleted Photos

ezgif.com gif maker 1 1
Phone Cleaner App: Clear Cache

App to Remove Virus With Phone Cleaner App, you can clean your phone and remove all viruses.

ezgif.com gif maker 6
PDF Reader App - My PDF Viewer

Read PDF files with the PDF Reader App, which includes a built-in pdf creator.

ezgif.com gif maker 7
Document Scanner - PDF Maker

Document Scanner can scan documents and change them to PDF, same to PDF Maker App.

ezgif.com gif maker 8
Status Saver for Whatsapp & WA

Whatsapp Status Saver Save and share statuses on WhatsApp with the Whatsapp Status Saver App.

ezgif.com gif maker
XenoVPN: Fast & Secure VPN App

Is Secure Vpn Safer Faster Internet 2022 Is Fast Vpn Unlimited Proxy VPN App

ezgif.com gif maker 10
Video Downloader For Instagram

Instagram Video Downloader With Insta Downloader, you can download Instagram videos.

ezgif.com gif maker 11
Status Saver - All Status Save

Status Saver Without Watermark is an all-in-one status saver for social media apps.